Nintendo's memorable E3 moments

E3 has come and gone; leaving behind a shell of its former self, yet still having managed to produce at least a few surprises. Of course, we remember when it was all glitzy displays, deafening music and rampant herds of website editors - an experience altogether more likely to provoke a spree killing in anyone lucky enough to attend. Here are just a few of our favourite moments from the press events we've managed to squeeze our way into in the past, at E3, Spaceworld and other Nintendo happenings. We do it so you don't have to.

Riqa (1999)
When we saw the first grainy videos of this third-person shooter, starring a woman in a slinky costume and ponytail, we rejoiced at the prospect of N64's very own Lara Croft. Then the videogame development gremlins sank their teeth into it, and after several delays it was ruthlessly cancelled. The bare bones of the game wound up as Rogue Ops on GameCube, which wasn't very good, so maybe we weren't missing very much.

Purple handbag (2000)
Nintendo announced GameCube - previously codenamed Dolphin - at their own Spaceworld exhibition in Tokyo. The demo showreel of Meowth playing guitar at a Pokémon party, 100 Marios on a Monopoly board and a realistically rendered fight between Link and Ganondorf - the catalyst for tears four years later - made us swoon with excitement. The very next week they brought the show to London, and Miyamoto played air guitar to the Pokémon video while we all clapped along.

Ultimate War (2000)
Realtime tanks and online strategy made for an impressive playable demo at the Spaceworld show. With armies moving via an overhead map, the action was shown close up on a fake TV news channel that shot scenes in authentic shaky-cam style, giving the impression of a war reporter risking a tank-induced pancaking to beam back pictures from the frontline. Unfortunately it died alongside the doomed 64DD add-on it was written for.

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