Ninja Gaiden Sigma - updated impressions

As we watched a demo of the latest build of Ninja Gaiden Sigma, we felt a little like a broken record. “Ooh, is that new? Ah, that was from the original Xbox version right? Oh! We remember that guy!” If you’ve been following our coverage on Sigma, you’ll know that despite the new bells and whistles and visual makeover, it’s basically the same game at heart. Still, whether you’re a virgin to the relentless challenges of the original title, or have already mastered the fine art of counter attack killing, Sigma looks like it’ll be one of the first must have action titles for the PS3 - and we think it’s about time.

Above: Three new chapters featuring the bouncy and buxom Rachel will Tarantino Sigma’s story by showing you how her actions affect the main plot.

Pessimists of the glass-is-half-empty school of thought will dismiss Sigma as a simple re-remake. But we challenge you to have a look at the smoking hot new footage we’ve captured from the game’s latest build. After drinking in the beautiful new fire effects and photo realistic graphics, you’ll want to play this title in all its next-gen glory.


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