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NFL Street 3 review

The NFL gets nasty, with bone-crushing hits, superhuman abilities, and no pads

Also new is a game type called Playbook Elimination, in which you and an opponent start with only a handful of plays, and every time you run a play that doesn't move you further down the field - say, a runner gets tackled in the backfield or a pass gets dropped - that play is then removed from your playbook for the rest of the game. When you or your opponent run completely out of plays, the team with the most points wins. It's both tense and infuriating. Other game variations count total yardage or defensive points instead of touchdowns, or pour points steadily into a pot, but then award the whole pot to whomever scores next.

Of course, you've also got customizable teams, a career-style "Respect the Street" mode, some great mini-modes like Hot Potato, tackle-fest Crush the Carrier, and online support for head-to-head football or four-man minigames.

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DescriptionThe NFL's finest take to the air with a new jump move and floating power-ups over the scruffy fields. Are you ready for some football?
PlatformPS2, PSP
US censor ratingEveryone