Next WoW expansion to open up Northrend?

It's looking like Blizzard will use its BlizzCon event next week to announce a second expansion for World of Warcraft, and it's speculated that the expansion will open up the continent of Northrend.

The speculations are based on a leaked music sheet revealing scores that will be played by the Video Games Live orchestra at BlizzCon, three of the scores named Northrend 1, 2, and 3.

Reports have mentioned that the tracks have not appeared in WoW, Warcraft III or Burning Crusade - unless it's an old tune from the older Warcraft strategy games, the score sheet could have inadvertently revealed first details on the second WoW expansion.

Northrend appeared in Warcraft III and its expansion The Frozen Throne, as Arthas travels to Drak'tharon Keep and fights undead. The continent is not currently accessible in World of Warcraft.

BlizzCon takes place on August 3rd to the 5th. So it’s not a long wait to see if Blizzard does reveal a new WoW expansion and whether the speculation is on the money.

We've just got off the phone to publisher Vivendi, who refused to comment on the rumors. Spoilsports...

July 30, 2007


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