Hot pen love

Dave Navarro, one-time talented guitarist, now better-known as a shirtless, eyeliner-soaked media-whore, will be making at an appearance at a Best Buy shop in West Lost Angeles to celebrate Guitar Hero II's release. The guitarist, whose song Stop (originally recorded by Jane's Addiction and released in 1990) is included in the game, will sign plastic guitars for people who... want plastic guitars signed by Dave Navarro. If you live in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we're sure this is very exciting. This all goes down next Monday at Midnight - if you do, in fact, live near and would like to see the man waggle a pen. Not to be outdone, Konami is hosting a Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol contest in San Francisco this Saturday, but they weren't even able to scare up Kellie Pickler. The good news: you can compete in the game and get judged by the public at Konami's official website.

EA drops its load

When companies announce financial results, we typically hit the snooze button and grab another seven minute's shut-eye. But sometimes there is fun info. Like, huge new games you're going to want to play magically appear. Such is the case today, as EA broke off this info: a new Road Rash is on the way, as well as a sequel to Black for next generation consoles. Harry Potter will be getting a new adventure (we can only assume it's tied in to the next movie) and so will The Sims. You can check out what little details there are - and find out even more nuggets of secret stockholder wisdom - at Next Generation.

Mexico gets the Wii

Or one group of dudes did: the editors of Atomix. And thanks to NeoGAF, we've got pictures of them unpacking the system. In the wrong order. Nothing too exciting here, but it does help build a tiny bit more anticipation for the system's release, yeah? Also, we're loving that hot pink Every Extend Extra T-shirt the one guy is rocking. We bet he can beat the shit out of the guy in the Gears of War shirt. Easy.

Kingdom Hearts II: four million years of boredom

MC Chris - aka MC Pee Pants from Aqua Teen Hunger Force - has an awesome rant about how Kingdom Hearts II sucks and Resident Evil 4 rules. It doesn't sound that funny, but it's the kind of thing that you just have to see to understand. We promise. Even better, it's been cut together with footage from KHII that makes it so, so much funnier. Warning: this is not work safe, not family safe and full of the F-bomb. You've been warned. Watch here.

New screens

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (PC)
Splinter Cell: Double Agent (PC)
Need for Speed Carbon (Xbox360)
FIFA Soccer 07 (360)
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (PC)

New videos

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade (PC)
Dungeons & Dragons Tactics (PSP)

November 2, 2006

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