New RoboCop viral video: watch now

RoboCop , Jose Padilha's upcoming remake of the classic '80s actioner, has released a new viral video advertising Omnicorp's range of hi-tech products, including a brief look at their forthcoming brand of mechanised law enforcement…

The video can be found within a new viral site for the film, which takes the form of Omnicorp's official website . The corporation is of course responsible for the creation of RoboCop, with Hugh Laurie thought to be in line to play its corrupt CEO.

"Imagine your city with no crime," begins the persuasive voiceover, "where a policeman's life is never at risk. Thanks to Omnicorp, you can protect your city with our full line of products." Sounds good to us. What could possibly go wrong?

Take a look at the new video, below…

The standout for us is the ED-209, once again demonstrating its awe-inspiring capacity for destruction, although in less splattery fashion than we're perhaps used to. And then there's the "newest and most exciting innovation yet" to look forward to...

Starring Joel Kinnaman as the titular hero, and co-starring the likes of Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Abbie Cornish, RoboCop opens in the UK on 9 August 2013. With over a year to go, don't expect this to be the last piece of viral marketing launched by our faceless corporate chums. Omnicorp, we mean, not MGM.


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