New Game of Thrones season 6 images tease 'The Battle of the Bastards'

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UPDATE (17/6/2016): We've updated the gallery with even more images of Sansa, Tormund, and Jon Snow preparing for battle. 

Original article below:

After almost a season's worth of build-up, the penultimate hour of Game of Thrones will finally see Jon Snow and his makeshift army face off against Ramsay Bolton and his forces in 'The Battle of the Bastards'. HBO have unveiled eight new images ahead of the highly anticipated episode, and you can check them out below...

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There's not much to surmise from these images about the ultimate fates of Jon, Sansa, Tormund and co here - nor should there be - but they definitely convey the epic scope the episode is going for. Whether Ramsay finally gets his comeuppance or our heroes don't survive the day, one thing is for sure; this is going to be an intense, brutal hour of television. I can't wait.

Season 6 of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO in the US, and Sky Atlantic on Mondays in the UK.

Images: HBO 


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