Naruto: Ninja Council 3 Hints

  • Kakashi SenseiÂ’s Test? - Developer Tip

    This is your first mission which serves as in introduction to the game where you play as Naruto Uzumaki and with the help of two other players, you need to reduce KakashiÂ’s Health Points by 50%.
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  • Bat Hunt! - Developer Tip

    This can be challenging. Use a character with a long range melee attack like Rock Lee. Stay away from jumping too high both avoiding the ceiling spikes and sailing above the bats, because on the downfall, they will have already gotten away. Also keep an eye out for re-spawning bats, they make for easy targets.
    Recommended Character: Rock Lee
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  • Taijutsu Workout! - Developer Tip

    With this one, you need to be quick on your feet, and mash away on the attack. Agility mixed with speed will get you through.
    Recommended Character: Sasuke Uchiha
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  • The Famous Kunoichi! - Developer Tip

    Simply bust down the wall of rocks, and high jump your way to Kunoichi.
    Recommended Character: Sasuke Uchiha
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  • Defeat the Snakes! - Developer Tip

    Secret techniques are crucial in this type of mission, so make sure you choose the wide range attacks such as Toad Blade Cut or Rising Twin Dragons. Recommended Character: Naruto Uzumaki
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  • Defend the Bridge - Developer Tip

    DonÂ’t focus too much on one opponent while another is destroying the bridge. Instead of handing out combos, try for a rapid single punch approach, itÂ’s effective and fast.
    Recommended Character: Might Guy
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  • ThatÂ’s a Promise - Developer Tip

    You need to defeat Kabuto while starting with 50% of your Health Points. Keep your distance and use wide range attacks to diminish his health as well as furious combos to come out victorious.
    Recommended Character: Kakashi Hatake
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  • Wolf Hunt! - Developer Tip

    In this mission, once again wide range special techniques are going to get the job done. Use techniques such as Wolf Fang or Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu.
    Recommended Character: Sasuke Uchiha
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  • Return the Scroll! - Developer Tip

    In this mission, destroy everything in sight, as you are in pursuit of the glowing scroll.
    Recommended Character: Rock Lee.
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  • Find the Scroll! - Developer Tip

    Destroy everything in sight as fast as you can to locate the scroll. Destroy both boxes and enemies.
    Recommended Character: Rock Lee
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Naruto: Ninja Council 3 Unlockables

  • Unlockable Characters

    Gaara - Beat "Secret Technque" With Chidori
    Gallary 2 - Beat all Missions
    Gallery 1 - Beat the three rows of missions
    Itachi - Beat "Revenge!" with Sasuke
    Jiraiya - Beat "Teach him a lesson"
    Jirobo - Beat "Chubby's Pride"
    Kabuto - Beat "Betrayal!?" with Lighting Blade
    Kakashi - Beat "Secret Technique Training"
    Kankuro - Beat "I'll Handle This" with Paeasitic Insect Justu
    Kidomaru - Beat "Pinpoint Blindspot!"
    Kisame - Beat "Kisame's Counterattack"
    Might Guy - Beat Taijutsu Training" with no Techniques
    Orcohimaru - Beat the all missions
    Sakon - Beat "Combo!"
    Tayuya - Beat "Calculated"
    Temari - Beat "What a Drag..." with Shadow Possesion Jutsu
    The Third Hokage - Beat "Find the Glowing Scroll"
    Tsunade - Beat "The Famous Kunoichi!"
    Submitted by Ninja One
  • Unlock All Leaf Village Genin

    Beat mission Kakashi Sensei's Test.
    Submitted by Ninja Boy Sasuke34

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Genre: Action
Published by: Tomy Corporation
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Franchise: Naruto
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