Museum Riot!

Aug 16, 2007

No one really knew what to expect. When we got the invite to flicker/fusion/frequency, it was billed as a videogame-themed installation/performance art experience at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. What we saw when we arrived was truly inspiring. The artists, Rachel Torrey and Steve Dye, had turned the MOMA's state of the art theater into the ultimate gaming setup. Forget your wimpy "home theater," this was "theater theater," as in 60 foot screen and full, throbbing surround sound. The theme of the exhibit was "A 128-bit requiem for generation 6," and featured a gory collection of the artists' favorite PlayStation and PS2 titles including Killzone, The Warriors, Soul Calibur 3, Resident Evil 3, and GTA San Andreas.

The artists enhanced the experience by mixing new music and sound effects into the games they were playing, and even occasionally dropped in video clips from 70s kung-fu flicks. The highlight of the night was when they let us do a cameo and hop on for a round of multiplayer carnage. Check out the video to see living proof that video games are art, regardless of what Roger Ebert thinks.


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