Many gamers - including ourselves - were excited about MotorStorm as a sort of Burnout-offroad. Did you feel pressured to make your game fit with people's expectations?
Not at all, the only pressure we had was to make it fit to our own expectations. We don't see it as Burnout Offroad - it's MotorStorm, a title that was already in the works, and that we've been trying to make for years.

It's very much its own thing, and grew from our desire to take our rally game skills to their logical conclusion. If you play the game in the 'hold down accelerate all the time' mode, then you'll quickly be a pile of debris.

Above: There are seven different vehicle types in total, from quads and bikes to dune buggies and modified trucks

Will there be any non-desert tracks in MotorStorm?
All the races are based around Monument Valley, which is a real-life desert location, but within that remit we've delivered a wide variety of racing surfaces and track types.

We've made multi-location titles for a long time now and what we've found is that, creatively, it's been a lot more interesting to explore one single real world location than to just trot out the usual list of terrain types.