More shocking secrets of game store workers - Part Three

GamesRadar: Any particular issues - in terms of pre-orders or otherwise - to do with Wii?

Employee #4: There was the obvious drought in Wiis not so long ago, which did bring forth some very unhappy customers. Most were understanding, though, and waited patiently.

Employee #7: We didn’t take any pre-orders on the Wii because we knew we wouldn’t get any. We managed to get three or four just after launch and we have had a few pre-owned ones traded in once people realised that the novelty wears off after 10 minutes. We haven’t had any new Wii consoles in for over seven months. They’re readily available now from suppliers, but my boss never orders them in. I probably get asked at least 10 times a day for them. It drives me mad.

Employee #3: Wii sold really well at pre-order. The only problem I ever had with Wii was this – after spending half an hour convincing a man to pre-order one, he then realised it was white and wouldn't go with his TV.

Employee #2: Our store was pushing Wii pre-orders back in September, and we did this not because we were being forced by head office but because we knew it would be in demand. As a result we received over 150 pre-orders, every single one was filled and everyone left happy, but we had NO overstock for people  walking in off the street, and we were drip fed nine consoles a week until April.

Employee #6: A few people complain their controller doesn't work on the Wii, more often than not though, it'll be the placement of their sensor bar.

Employee #1: No problems, except for people just not reading the manuals. They buy an extra Wiimote and expect it to work straight away, it doesn’t; they come in, I tell them to read the manual, life goes on. We’ve not had the problems theUS has had, with straps breaking and throwing Wiimotes into screens. Not even once. There have people who’ve battered one another, playing Tennis and hitting one another, but as far as throwing it through windows, fishtanks and HDTVs, it doesn’t happen in the UK.


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