Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Nov 9, 2007

Los Angeles: big (great), full of recognisable locations (great), but bloody boring to drive around (oh…). Think of America's grid-happy road system and you'd be right to question the thrill of a race solely comprising straights and right angles; which is why Rockstar were keen to lift the famous areas from the City of Angels and drop them right in the middle of a locale designed entirely from scratch. This Californian hotspot may not be realistic, but it was designed with one thing in mind: fun.

Forget the three cities of 'Club 3: DUB Edition, the virtual LA here is bigger than all of them put together, and it's all unlocked from the start. For once, you'll be able to appreciate the surroundings in all their glory too - a rolling day/night cycle totaling three weeks' worth of lighting and weather effects will also be in full effect as a bonus.
The entire world is seamless now. After cruising around the city our guide located a potential challenger and a quick horn blast was enough to instigate a race. The action continued without pause. After a short dash to the starting line the real race started up.


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