Metacritic adds iPhone games to its stock of aggregated game reviews

Metacritic, one of the most-visited game review aggregation sites, has just granted a big dose of credibility to the iPhone game market. The site, which pulls in and averages review scores from all over the Web, has added the iPhone platform to its database.

John Davidson, VP of programming for CBS Interactive, which owns Metacritic, said the decision was made based on favorable reaction to other iPhone content the site has posted.

"We had been running a monthly round-up feature of well-reviewed iPhone games, and totting them up as a kind of monthly shopping list and we were getting a lot of traction with it," said Davidson in a news interview. "This affirmed something that both Metacritic founder Marc Doyle and I believed could be a useful tool, and that would help legitimize the platform further."

So if the iPhone is worthy of being legitimized, what about the thousands of games on Android? According to Davison, there just aren't enough noteworthy sites providing Android game review scores.

"We need to see ongoing, consistent coverage from a good number of outlets so that we have good data to pull from," said Davison.

As for iOS, the newly christened top-ranked game on Metacritic is Bug Heroes, with an aggregate review score of 90/100. And the game to avoid? That'd be Painkiller Purgatory, with a dismal rating of 32.

[Source: Pocketfull of Megabytes]

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Mar 22, 2011


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