Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

What about the three playable characters in the game- how will they be different from one another?

JZ: They’re very similar. We didn’t want to unbalance the game for a fictional standpoint. It’s a lot about what their humour is and how it plays out with Chris being serious, Mattias being a smartass and Jen using her female charms. It’s a lot more story-based than you'd imagine.

We’re toying around with the idea of playing in character and rewarding that. Like Mattias getting an award for big explosions, Jen getting an award for headshots and Chris getting an award for no civilian deaths.

Although we haven’t implemented the feature yet, it’s something that if we don’t feel we can get right, we don’t want to tack on just for the sake of it. We’ve got so many features in the game that the idea of doing something half-assed just to have another bullet point on a box isn’t really worth it.