This Max Payne 3 comic is impossible to read without hearing Max Payne's voice inside your head

Rockstar and Marvel collaborate on comic series to celebrate the return of Maximus Payne

The combined creative might of Rockstar and Marvel recently released the first in a three part Max Payne 3 Comic Book series. It's co-written by Sam Lake from original Max Payne developer Remedy and Rockstar's veteran script man Dan Houser. It explores some of the bleak back-story - including a pretty miserable childhood - that shapes Max Payne's character. Anyone suffering itchy trigger-fingers ahead of next week's return to gaming of the hard-drinking and perennially shit-out-of-luck detective in Max Payne 3 should definitely check it out.

What makes the comic really amazing is the way it uses highly advanced audio-to-brain transmission technology to magically beam the satisfyingly manly voice of Max Payne into your head as you read. It really is something. Give it a try. You can read the entire first issue here.

We'll have the Max Payne 3 review ready for you next week.