Mass Effect: Alien images

Remember the alien face pictured below; it belongs to Saren Arterius, elite space military operative, brutal soldier, and your main adversary through Mass Effect' s universe-straddling, planet-hopping adventure. And hit the Images tab above for another view and a fresh shot of leading man Commander Shepard.

Saren is a member of the Spectres, an elite group serving a multi-species government called the Citadel Council, which acts to maintain stability across the galaxy - it was this group that brought an end to the war between the expanding human forces and the Turians, Saren's own species.

Above: Saren Arterius - ruthless, merciless and nursing a sore temper against the encroaching human civilization

Saren's none too pleased about humanity's aggressive and unceasing drive for new territory, and fears are that this veteran warmonger is ready to start another war against us Earthlings. Which, presumably, is where you come in as Commander Shepard, trawling the galaxy in an attempt to stop all hell breaking loose. We'll have more soon.

January 30, 2007


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