Mario & Sonic at the Olympics: New events revealed

Sept 17, 2007

Thanks to previously released screenshots we know that hurdles, triple jump, hammer, archery and, of course, the 100m dash will all feature in the upcoming Wii and DS title, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, when it's released in November. And now, thanks to a new trailer, Sega has shown off a few extra Olympic activities that'll be on offer.

Mario, Sonic and their pals will also be competing in the high jump, javelin, swimming and table tennis as they fight for the title of Olympic champion. There’s no sign yet of other staple events such as gymnastics and weightlifting, but maybe this is because the image of King Bowser in a one piece leotard is just a bit too post-watershed.

We're hoping to be able to bring you a full list of events soon, but until then, check out our exclusive gameplay clip and latest collection of screenshots.