With games like Rift, World of Warcraft, and The Old Republic dominating the MMORPG news, it's sometimes easy to forget that Turbine is having great success with their pay-to-play turned free-to-play games. Its biggest success story was likely Lord of the Rings: Online, which switched over more than a year ago and has seen boosts in subscribers and paying customers as free players flood Middle Earth, eager to immerse themselves in Tolkien's world. This surge has given the game a new life, and Turbine has rewarded their (enlarged) audience by continuing to pump out consistent content, with the next update, Prince of Rohan, scheduled for release next week.

The update, which is scheduled to go live on December 12, adds 5 new Isengard instances to the game's already massive number of instances. One of note is The Foundry, which looks all sorts of cool. What is The Foundry? Glad you asked! According to Turbine, "Powerful and mysterious weapons have been appearing in the hands of soldiers under Saruman’s command. Infiltrate the Foundry, the sprawling subterranean heart of Saruman’s war effort, and disrupt the supply of the dangerous weapons to deal a fateful blow to Isengard!"

Sounds serious. And awesome. We have some images of said Foundry below in case you're interested - otherwise just load up the game on December 12 and download the free update. Then find a fellowship, grab your axe, and enjoy moving Lord of the Rings: Online's story forward, one instanced dungeon at a time.

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