Listen in on Xbox One's improved voice chat quality

Xbox One will only understand your voice in five regions at launch, but at least all your online buddies will hear it crystal clearly. Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb posted two audio samples comparing the quality of Xbox 360 voice chat with Xbox One, and the difference is… not night and day, maybe tin-can phone and Skype?

Speaking of Skype, Xbox One's voice chat uses the Microsoft-owned VOIP service's codec--put that together with a new chat headset plugged into a more expansive expansion port, and you get some nice results.

Take a listen for yourself below, with Xbox 360 quality on top and Xbox One quality below:

Maybe this means all those kids who are clearly too young to be voice chatting on Xbox Live will get self conscious and shut up? Probably not, but at least there are yellow cards for them.

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  • Eightboll812 - August 30, 2013 8:13 a.m.

    I'm sure he'll be back, as it's probably Major Nelson's sock puppet account here. The only topics he ever comments about are the "MS did this..." articles, NEVER about any game or other fun topics. Now what self proclaimed gamer has no interest in any games but just luuuuuvs his console to death. You playin rock, paper, scissors on that bad boy John? heh. As for this topic, he's jumping up and down clapping hands like a school girl because MS posted a codec sample, which they likely recorded in a sound studio with professional equipment. Never mind they are shipping a garbage grade headset. Ask any audiophile what happens when you buy bargain basement speakers to put on a $100 stereo setup from a flea market, BUT they upgraded the wiring to optical? Not much. Anyone knows, your headset is a KEY part of the equation and if you aren't using something that has built in DSP and so forth, the result of just upgrading the codec is going to be nominal. But John shat himself with glee because it came from MS. In other news...all those people who wasted money on Astro Gaming headsets are PISSED for buying into that marketing lie that hardware makes a difference with audio just to find out's the software stupid!!

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