Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - Mosterama, part 3

The Archmage may be the highest ranking spell casters of the pure Encablossian bloodlines, but they've also got a giant chip on their shoulder because they have no legs. In a massive display of displacement, the Archmages in Circle of Doom will vent their insecurities about their appendage-less torsos by raining down Flesh Spears on any passersby.

While spears crafted from steel, ice, fire, or pretty much anything else, may cause more piercing damage than ones made of squishy rotting flesh, you'd be foolish to point this out to the Archmage, as he'll likely respond to your retort by force feeding you a gigantic rock-hard meteor to the face.

Scroll on to see our EXCLUSIVE video below featuring many Magma Men, more Archmages, and the badass Balrog. While you're at it, check outpart oneandpart twofor more man-on-monster action in Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom.