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Welcoming two new races to Azeroth

The Blood Elves

What’s their story?
They're crack-addled magic addicts who were defeated in battle by the Undead. In that conflict, their precious Sunwell- a giant fountain of magical energy and source of Elven power- was destroyed, leaving an entire race suffering withdrawal. They've been without magic for so long, it's made them cranky, and liable to bad decision-making: rather than joining their former friends in the Alliance, they've blamed the humans for the destruction of the Sunwell, and sided with the Horde. Home to, yes, the Undead.

What classes can I play?
Blood Elf Paladins are the big deal - it's the first time the Horde get to play the indestructible-in-PvP class. You can also try Mages, Hunters, Priests and Warlocks, but we'd direct you to the Rogue. That's because of what comes next: their racial abilities.

Are they worth starting a new character for?
Hell yes. Being a magic abuser has its privileges: kick-ass racial abilities. The Blood Elves have exceptionally useful powers in "Arcane Torrent" and "Mana Tap." Mana Tap steals magical energy from any spell-caster and stores it. You can use the spell three times - each time building a bank of mana. Then comes Arcane Torrent: when activated it releases the magical energy, preventing spellcasters from using spells for two seconds, and refilling your mana or energy pool. In PvP this is going to be utterly devastating. Imagine this combination: an ambush, freezing the target in place. Then a few quick sinister strikes. As the enemy comes out of their coma: Arcane Torrent, filling the energy bar. Then backstab. Death. Priests say bye-bye.

Anything to add?
The male Blood Elf dance comes from Napoleon Dynamite - and they ride Final Fantasy style Chocobos. Yes, Blizzard might call them Hawkstriders, but we know what they really mean.