Jackie Chan gets serious in first 1911 trailer

Less kick, kick, more bang, bang

The first trailer for the war film 1911 has appeared online and it shows action comedy star Jackie Chan taking on a much more serious role.

The sombre tone is hardly surprising, given that the film marks the 100th anniversary of the events it portrays - the Xinhai Revolution and the founding of the Republic of China.

Chan, who co-directs with Li Zhang, plays Huang Xing, the first commander-in-chief of the army of the Republic of China.

Since we're looking at anniversaries that happen to be a century, 1911 apparently also chalks up Chan's 100th film.

Check out the trailer below...

1911 opens on 23 September 2011 in China and on 12 October in the US, with a UK date still to be confirmed.