iPhone review of the day: Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard sneaks in for the kill, ends up as a killer shooter

Nearly as good-looking and tactical as its full-sized counterparts

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Given the amount of games it cranks out, the consistent top-notch-itude of publisher Gameloft%26rsquo;s iOS titles is astounding. Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard proves yet again that the company%26rsquo;s developers are capable of creating a console-quality shooter %26ndash; albeit a scaled back, simplified proxy of an existing one %26ndash; for your phone. Its mix of first- and third-person pew-pew action is a reminder that Rainbow Six still rocks%26hellip;and that we need another one on consoles, too.

Cribbing from Rainbow Six Vegas%26rsquo; formula, most of Shadow Vanguard plays like any other FPS %26ndash; when dudes appear at the end of your machine-gun, you fill %26lsquo;em with holes and move onto the next room. However, true to tradition, stealth and squad tactics are also important. We failed more than once because we burst through a door without slipping a camera underneath ahead of time; another mission ended with our rescue target eating a bullet because a bad squad order blew our cover. Shadow Vanguard is by no means riveting in its complexity, nor is its A.I. anything special, but missions are laid out in such a way that the illusion%26rsquo;s convincing.

Slapping a silencer onto your pistol, tucking into cover, and pointing your teammates toward tactical points are critical actions in Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard. Snuggling up against a wall pulls the camera out from your eyeballs and gives you a wider, third-person view of your surroundings. This is particularly handy for cracking doors open and popping dudes in the face from around corners. Better yet, you%26rsquo;re able to protect your flank from sneaky jerks in the online multiplayer mode.

Rainbow Six has always been about leading a team, and Shadow Vanguard manages to pull this off quite well. Tapping contextual icons sends your squad to cover, to breach a door or flashbang a room, and take out enemies. You%26rsquo;ll also have to be smart about where you point them, too, or else you%26rsquo;ll end up playing medic as you revive %26lsquo;em before their death puts you in front of a game over screen. Strategy, even in its simplest form, is the name of the game, and it%26rsquo;s surprisingly effective in Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard.

The story and missions are straightforward in their typical TOP SECRET ELITE TEAM fashion, so go into Rainbow Six with sneaky terrorist murder in mind and you%26rsquo;ll get a lot out of it.

Mar 24, 2011

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