If video games invaded famous paintings

Who'd want the Mona Lisa, when we can have the Mona Lara?

Are video games art? Well, one could argu... screw that. We're not even going to attempt to enter that minefield. Clearly, though, with a bunch of concept drawings from the likes of Dante's Inferno and Jet Set Radiobeing framed and displayed in a swanky San Francisco hotelthis week, some people think they are.

And that got us thinking. What if some of the greatest works of art ever had video game characters crow-barred into them? The answer: they'd become 92.1% more awesome. Obviously. So here, for your artistic perusal, we present our twisted takes on the Mona Lisa, Starry Night, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and American Gothic.

Update: We've added more mashed-up paintings on page 2.