How to get 40 Trophies in 60 minutes

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Time: 20-30 minutes | Number of Trophies: 7 | Trophy count: 18

Uncharted’s quest for Trophies is just as demanding as high speed hovering. Just replace racing in a Mach 1-shattering spaceship with punching middle aged men in their mugs. And if you’ve unlocked every internal Drake’s medal already, prepare to do it all again…

10 Headshots – Bronze: Awarded after ten headshots. All the Trophies are accumulative in Uncharted so you can restart at the easy opening level on the boat to unlock this and all the Trophies here. Cheap? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Headshot Expert – Bronze: Pop five pirates in a row with headshots to bag this bronze. Save yourself some time and do it on Easy, as you’ll have more time to line up your shot.

Brutal Brawler – Bronze: Break out those pirate-pummelling finishers with atriangle, square, triangleBrutal combo. Repeat five times for the Trophy. It's asnap when the game’s set to Easy mode.

Brutal Expert – Silver: Kill five enemies in a row with the previous Brutal Brawler combo. Just make sure to keep that itchy trigger finger on a leash. Blowing your bullets could ruin your run of kills.

Steel Fist – Bronze: Fairly easy with the Gunslinger combo. Just waste five enemies withsquare, R1, squarefor a Brutal bullet-assisted Trophy. Make sure you do this on Medium; that way, the baddies will be strong enough to withstand the combo, but still pretty easy to dispatch.

Steel Fist Expert – Silver: As above, the idea is to kill pirates with a single punch after you’ve shot them. Kill five enemies in a row with the Gunslinger combo for this silver Trophy. Fighting on the middle of the boat makes it easier, as the combo can break when you get near scenery.

Treasure – Bronze: The first treasure in the game is in the opening jungle section after the boat shoot-out. Follow the small stream and you’ll soon see a massive tree on the left with a rock formation beside it. Walk around the rocks and the treasure is just behind the tree.

Time: 30-40 minutes | Number of Trophies: 4 | Trophy count: 22

From beating up booty-motivated thugs to blowing up jet fighters online, these 60 minutes dedicated to amassing a decent Trophy haul is nothing if not diverse. In comparison to what’s come before, though, this is a walk in the dogfight-infested clouds.

Ground Pounder – Bronze: Complete the straightforward on-foot tutorial for the Trophy. No problem.

Combat Driver – Bronze: Prove you can tame tanks, gel with jeeps and complete car tasks in this ground vehicle tutorial.

Pilot’s License – Bronze: Fly through this tutorial for the third insultingly easy Trophy. Rewards for completing glorified interactive menus? We should all be ashamed.

Enlistee – Bronze: Phew. No friends or actual human communication required for this Trophy. Creating a clan yourself gives you the prize.

Linger in Shadows
Time: 40-45 minutes | Number of Trophies: 10 | Trophy count: 32

The end’s not far in sight now. And, if you can just sit through a few minutes of baffling and pretentious guff about flying pooches, you’ll have earned another ten easy Trophies. And yes, we’re not the only ones who feel dirty about playing an ‘interactive art experience’.

A quick warning: you don’t get your Trophies here until you finish this odd art piece (it’s not technically a game), then you get them all at once. Also note, the Sigil Trophies are given just for getting through the video.

Sigil of Time – Bronze: Prepare yourself for some truly bizarre flying canine capers as the game pauses. Now all you have to do is pressX to start it, then press it again to pause it. Now shake your pad to wake up the SixAxis and earn the Trophy.

Sigil of Motion – Silver: After the video reverses on phase 2, at about 02:11 pause the game and holdL2 or R2 until the bar is full for the second Trophy. Anyone else feel like an art student playing this?

Sigil of Chaos – Silver: Pause time at around 03:06, rotate the SixAxis to fill the bar and nab the Trophy to continue this demented tech-demo. Yay?

Sigil of Nature – Silver: At 4:48 you’ll see your feline friend. Pause the game and presscircle when the icon appears to continue and to get the Trophy.

Sigil of Creation – Silver: Averse to seeing huggable hounds being murdered by tentacle monsters? Look away. The rest of you should presscircle to make the the monster’s eyes light up between 05:15 and 05:19. Then again between 5:24:800 and 5:32:400. And finally between 06:03 and 06:04 shake the controller until the bars fills up.

Sigil of Light – Silver: Simply complete all the above Trophies to receive this one. Six Trophies for about six minutes’ work? We like those odds.

‘Greetings to...’ Trophies
The world of Trophies, just like everything else in LIS, is completely backwards – what did you expect from a game with time-traveling cats? Anyway, bronze Trophies are actually harder to collect than silver. And to bag the following Sony-sponsored jugs you have to pause the game and then look around for puzzle pieces. Once you find the pieces you have to hover over them for a few seconds. Whenone glows and a large circle appears you’ve got the Trophy. Turning the camera icon on by pressing triangle will cause it to flash when you’re near any pieces; a useful little trick.

Greetings to Andromeda – Bronze: Pause the game at 03:13:000 and you’ll see a sphere-like object. Rotate it by turning the SixAxis. The piece is the little poster with the hand. Add one more Trophy.

Greetings to the Black Lotus – Bronze: Time: 03:36. Your mission: pause the game. The black locust sign under the mangled mannequin, at the bottom of the boxes, is your ticket to the Trophy. We hate ambiguous insect messages.

Greetings to RGBA – Bronze: At around 04:21, pan to the left of our doomed canine for the sign-like piece and the Trophy.

Greetings to MFX – Bronze: Stop the game at 05:04 and look for the bit of paper to the left of the cat. What could that message contain? The meaning of life or a list of messages? Either way it’s a Trophy.

Greetings to Sunflower – Bronze: The saddest sunflower we’ve ever seen is the piece and your path to a Trophy. Pause the game at 5:41 and pan to the right of the monster to see it.