How BioShock 2 will be better than the first

You still have everything from the first game. Only better.

JT: “You possess the intelligence inside that suit to make use of anything you had in BioShock 1 and, indeed, more. The hacking mechanic is one of the many tools that you have and, this time, you’re able to do things like heal your bots, upgrade your turrets and essentially invest in becoming a ‘pet master’-like character. Also, you are smart enough – unlike the other Big Daddies – to upgrade your guns and use plasmids.”

“If you invest in any of the plasmids that you remember from BioShock 1, we have taken away no functionality. Whatever your favorites were, they have extended. On the design side, we start with things like ‘Hypnotize Big Daddy’ and go ‘Where to go next?’”

What happened in the first game mattered.

JT: “Andrew Ryan is dead. We want to ratify any choice you made in the first game and any major narrative moments. The endings in BioShock 1 are the subject of fierce debate among the Splicers. They’ve mythologized the striking down of this diabolical figure, who led them astray into this leady bucket at the bottom of the sea. The Splicers are becoming sort of religious about the character from the first game.”

“In [the ending to] BioShock 1, either you left Rapture and became ‘Hitler,’ or you left Rapture and, I guess, had a family full of lots of little girls who watched you get cancer… Either way, Tenenbaum had a safehouse full of Little Sisters that she returned to the surface with regardless of what you did. Some of those Little Sisters had lives and grew up.

“One Little Sister in particular did not, could not leave Rapture behind. She returns there, finds it in shambles and starts to show off these crazy powers that come from her growing up. She starts the cycle over again.”

Apr 23, 2009

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