Harry Potter tops the US box office

No one shocked as Half-Blood Prince wins...

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince has won the weekend at the US box office.

After a record-snatching opening and a strong five-day start, the film earned $79.4 million at the weekend according to estimates, walking away with $159.6 million in total so far.

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs slipped to second and earned $17.7 million in its third weekend, while Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen dropped to third with $13.7 million.

Bruno saw a much bigger drop, losing 72% from its first week to land on fourth with $8.4 million, and The Hangover stayed strong in its seventh week, making $8.3 million at fifth.

The rest of the top 10 in chart style...

  1. Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince ($79.4 million)
  2. Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs ($17.7 million)
  3. Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen ($13.7 million)
  4. Bruno ($8.4 million)
  5. The Hangover ($8.3 million)
  6. The Proposal ($8.2 million)
  7. Public Enemies ($7.6 million)
  8. Up ($3.1 million)
  9. My Sister's Keeper ($2.8 million)
  10. I Love You Beth Cooper ($2.6 million)

[Data Source: Box Office Mojo ]