Half-Life 2

The complete experience of the best PC sequel approaches

We%26rsquo;d like to suggest that with every passing month we get closer to playing the next chapter in one of the best FPS%26rsquo; of all time, but like some sort of cruel tease with a delicious chocolate bar on the end of a piece of string, Valve keeps moving the release date for the re-energized Half-Life 2 further and further away, leaving us scampering about like frothing fools. However, despite the slip from last autumn to this spring to this autumn, our over-eager ears are kept pricked up, and there%26rsquo;s the knowledge that when it appears, the new Half-Life 2 collection on the 360 can only be a good thing.

Valve enigmatically christened the 360 release The Orange Box, and it will contain Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, reality-distorting puzzler Portal, and the achingly anticipated Team Fortress 2. That gets us excited - because that%26rsquo;s a ludicrous amount of top quality game in a single plastic tub.

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