Half-Life 2

We’d like to suggest that with every passing month we get closer to playing the next chapter in one of the best FPS’ of all time, but like some sort of cruel tease with a delicious chocolate bar on the end of a piece of string, Valve keeps moving the release date for the re-energized Half-Life 2 further and further away, leaving us scampering about like frothing fools. However, despite the slip from last autumn to this spring to this autumn, our over-eager ears are kept pricked up, and there’s the knowledge that when it appears, the new Half-Life 2 collection on the 360 can only be a good thing.

Valve enigmatically christened the 360 release The Orange Box, and it will contain Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, reality-distorting puzzler Portal, and the achingly anticipated Team Fortress 2. That gets us excited - because that’s a ludicrous amount of top quality game in a single plastic tub.

The story so far: well, speculation on the story so far. After City 17 was overrun by aliens and agents, heroic Gordon Freeman fought his way to the Citadel, making good on his escape in Episode 1. Freeman is now on the run, closely pursued by his collection of enemies, through the surrounding woodlands and countryside. He’s surrounded by baddies, now with the more inventive and improvisation-friendly cover of trees to conceal themselves. And worse, everyone’s favorite character from HL2, the pretty-faced Alyx, is in trouble. All kinds of big trouble. Something’s up, and we want to shoot it in the face.


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