Gym leader with single type of Pokemon baffled by 50-match losing streak

AZALEA CITY -- Azalea Town’s gym leader considers himself “the authority on Bug Pokemon,” but that hasn’t proven an effective strategy against incoming challengers.

Last weekend, Bugsy lost in a battle with his latest challenger, an up-and-coming trainer out of New Bark Town. That marked the 50th consecutive loss for the Gym Leader--a record for the Johto region.

His strict adherence to only using Bug-type Pokemon has proven unsuccessful, as they’re easily defeated by Fire-types; about a third of trainers get a Fire-type Pokemon before leaving their hometowns, and Pokemon with Fire-elemental attacks are not difficult to find, even in the early days of one’s journey.

In his own defense, Bugsy brags about his line-up’s dominance over Grass-type Pokemon, but challengers have learned to not even bother putting Grass-types in their line-ups before fighting the Bug lover.

“I knew he was only going to use Bug types, so I just whipped out my Fire-type starter,” one trainer told us on his way through Azalea Town. “I didn’t even have to switch Pokemon. One move wiped out his whole team.”

Azalea Town’s residents are sticking by their Gym Leader, despite his reputation as an easy opponent.

“How many people can say they have a Bug Expert living in their town? Can you?” asked Bonnie, who has lived in Azalea Town for decades. “Trainers come from miles around to fight Bugsy. So what if he doesn’t win every match? No one’s perfect.”

Her husband was quick to agree. “Why would he use a balanced line-up featuring multiple elemental-type Pokemon when he could just keep a few Bug-types handy? It’s a sound strategy,” he said.

Despite the losses, Bugsy is sticking to his guns. “Bug Pokemon are tough,” he insisted. “Bug Pokemon are deep. I can make this work. My research just isn’t complete yet.”

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  • C.King - October 13, 2013 11:08 p.m.

    my memory is funky on this, isn't the only fire type available cyndaquil? wouldn't the lovely number of rock and flying types be the bane of his existence?
  • JarkayColt - October 14, 2013 9:26 a.m.

    I realised that as well. Cyndaquil is the only Pokémon who learns a Fire move early enough to use against Bugsy in Gen II. The only exception is the off chance that you caught an Unown that knows Hidden Power Fire, but even discounting how unlikely that is, since its Psychic type it's not a great Pokémon to battle Bugsy with anyway. I'm assuming most people caught a Pidgey/Hoothoot, Geodude/Onix or whatever to deal with him like you suggest.
  • shawksta - October 13, 2013 1:47 p.m.

    To be fair, your gonna have one hell of a hard time if you choose totodile, or better yet, Chikorita, Bugsy's Scyther is a pretty hard.
  • JarkayColt - October 13, 2013 1:34 p.m.

    Oi! Bugsy is a legend! He's the only confirmed character to have invented his own move (Fury Cutter)! No other Gym Leader can claim that XD Also: "about a third of trainers get a Fire-type Pokemon before leaving their hometowns" - I found that hilarious for some reason.
  • C.King - October 13, 2013 11:20 p.m.

    was fury cutter buffed? my hone edge had it for a short time but i saw the starting power was 40, wasn't it 20? that a crazy jump. so 2 turn investment gets u a 160 power attack. oh wow bugsy refined it into a heck of a weapon. if only it wasn't commonly resisted. wait tinted lens...
  • JarkayColt - October 14, 2013 9:20 a.m.

    Yeah, I think so. I actually think quite a few moves got either buffed or nerfed. For example, when my Squirtle learnt Bubble, I noticed it was more powerful than in previous games (great in Horde battles 'cos it hits everything lol), and Glare now has 100 accuracy. Would Fury Cutter be a decent STAB for Scizor to use now? The first attack has a power of 60 with Technician, followed by 80 and then 160 as you say. I wonder what it caps at?
  • C.King - October 14, 2013 9:54 a.m.

    i think 160 is the cap but hey that stronger than overheat and draco meteor. it might be nice to have metronome held

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