Guild Wars 2 - updated impressions

Jan 10, 2008

Fans of Guild Wars have been sated with expansion packs - three so far (Nightfall, Factions and Eye of the North), compared to WoW’s one. Clearly it’s time for a reinvention of the hugely successful MMO. Here’s what to expect.

250 years after the original Guild Wars, many of the locations will be gutted and ruined. The idea is that while only one dragon had woken at the end of the last expansion pack, Eye of the North, in the years since then hundreds have emerged. The ruin these creatures have inflicted has caused mass migrations, and the lack of habitable space has led to war and famine. It’s the perfect excuse for faction-specific quests and competing allegiances.

If Guild Wars has one fault, it’s the lack of sense of a single world: most of your time is spent in solitary ‘instances’ where you’ll never randomly stumble across a new friend. That’s going to change. You’ll now spend your time in a single free-flowing game world, only heading into instances when it’s time to move the storyline along. But you’re never going to be restricted to a single server - Arenanet promise that you’ll be able to transfer characters between different servers at will, without cost.


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