GT4 gets racing rival on PS2

Ferrari Challenge announced, with 8-player online mode

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Jan 25, 2008

Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli, the promising-looking racing game developed under the supervision on Bruno Senna (Ayrton's nephew), is getting a PS2 release to complement the PS3, Wii and DS versions. We've played the PS3 version and if the PS2 iteration is close to emulating it, it should give the platform a new top-class racer when it arrives this spring.

Some 50 lovingly-recreated Ferraris will be available, along with the full complement of Ferrari Challenge series tracks and a comprehensive custom vinyl editor to rival that of Microsoft's Forza series. There will also be eight-player online play. Not bad at all for PS2.

A massive six-page preview can be found in issue 95 of Official Playstation 2 Magazine, which goes on sale in the UK on January 30. Spanning six pages, the preview states that %26ldquo;established PS2 racing games do face a real Ferrari challenge%26rdquo;. Could Gran Turismo 4 really have a red rival looming large in its mirrors? We'll bring you more on the game when we get our eager mitts on it. In the mean-time, why not check out our ownpreview of the PS3 versionand see what Bruno himself had to say about the game?

Above: This is the PS2 version. Looks pretty nifty, doesn't it?


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