God of War: Betrayal [mobile] review

  • Blissful handheld dismemberment
  • Fluid animations
  • Contextual attacks
  • Twitchy cursors
  • Only a handful of enemies
  • Lining up jumps

Aug 15, 2007

To hold kill-thirsty, classical civilization enthusiasts over until the PSP'sGod of War Chains of Olympus drops later this year, Sony has been kind enough to give cell phone gamers a chance to revel in the dismemberment with the exclusive God of War: Betrayal.

Chronologically, Betrayal bridges the gap between the first two God of War games - but don't go expecting a rousing narrative addition to those tales. However, many of the things you know and love from the PS2 versions do make the transition.

While not the 3D platformer many are familiar with, the mobile excursion retains the branching pathways and puzzle elements despite the 2D limitations. Scattered Gorgon Eyes extend your health bar, as do Phoenix Feathers to your magic. The red orbs you collect from your fallen victims are also back, and can be put towards leveling up your skills and weapons for even more optimal ways to dole out death.

But what most fans will be thankful for is the triumphant return of the contextual attacks. Weaken an enemy and a command prompt appears, allowing for some of the most graceful displays of brutality ever seen - thanks to the extremely fluid animations.

This is quite possibly the goriest thing your mobile's ever seen. The blood spills by the bucket full. There's a certain giggly satisfaction to yanking off a Minotaur's arms and ripping his head in twixt while sitting next to a mother and her six kids.

The only real problem with this mobile game are in the control limitations. The cursor button is sensitive and often results in the occasional failed combo. And the jump button sends you forward in the direction you're facing automatically. It takes some getting used to, but Betrayal is long and enjoyable enough for you get the hang of it. Once you've finished, masochists can either up the difficulty or jump into Arena mode to survive wave after wave of enemies.

It's best to think of God of War Betryal like a good television show based on one of your favorite movie. Slightly scaled down, but retaining the heart and soul of the original. At its best, it combines the slash happy customability of recent Castlevanias with the run and jump goodness of the original Prince of Persia. And at a fraction of the price.

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Available Platforms: PS2
Genre: Action
Published by: Sony Online Entertainment
Developed by: Sony Online Entertainment
ESRB Rating:
Rating Pending

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    It's redundant, but the temptation is too much.....FIRST!

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