Glory Days 2 review

  • Frantic battles
  • Numerous machine to pilot
  • Buying supplies from the skies
  • The limited view area
  • Confusing controls
  • Leaving your mother childless

Sitting back in our leather recliners, happily watching Fox News and eating a bowl of salted cashews, we can't help but notice how awesomely well the war is going. But we're still nothing short of positive we could do war better. So along comes Glory Days 2 to prove us right and mighty - taking the battle to the sky, and just like the view from our La-Z-Boy, our feet never need touch the ground. What's an armchair general not to love?

Okay, that's not entirely true. Getting past the hilariously redundant subtitle, Brotherhood of Men (Sisterhood of Girls, Fatherhood of Dads), Glory Days 2 is a super-serious strategy shooter, packed with era spanning weaponry and will even goes so far for authenticity's sake to send a death letter to your mother. There, there. Buck up, patriot!

For the most part you'll soar through the air in helicopter/plane variants, but you'll also hit the dirt occasionally to deploy troops and rescue friendlies for extra cash. Yes, cold, hard, transcendent cash. You'll need it, because in addition to firing guns and missiles from above, you can deploy troops, tanks and convoys at your leisure.

Glory Days may look like a traditional sidescroller, but there's actually a chaotic battle ensuing on an elongated field, combatants clashing somewhere in the middle. Traveling back and forth, you must decide how and where to place soldiers, and what needs to be destroyed - or protected (you hippies) - in order to win the day.

There's a great concept here, but the screen is too small to allow anything resembling a decent dogfight or a well placed bomb drop. Since you're generally burdened with such a small arsenal, you have to constantly scramble to and fro like a mother of two-year-old quintuplets. And the screen(s) rarely allow you to focus on the stuff that requires immediate attention.

There is a substantial depth of strategy here, but it just doesn't feel right on the DS. Trying to keep your pilot alive while soaking in all the maps, dense button combinations, and touchscreen implements seems impossible at times. Plus we found you can usually get by with simple speed and bravado.

All in all, the scaled-down warfare is quick paced and fun, but it doesn't provide the level of strategy it purports to due to the convoluted nature of its layout. Glory Days may pass you by, but perhaps that's reaching too far for a Springsteen reference.

More Info

Release date: Jul 31 2007 - DS (US)
Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Strategy
Published by: Secret Stash Games
Developed by: ODENIS Studio
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Mild Violence
PEGI Rating:
Rating Pending


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