Gargoyle's Quest coming to 3DS in Australia, US release can't be far behind

Each week we look forward to new Game Boy classics finding their way to Nintendo's 3DS Virtual Console. The past few weeks, however, have either featured questionable releases (wtf is Avenging Spirit?) or, strangely, no games whatsoever. With that in mind, it's quite exciting to hear that Gargoyle's Quest, one of our 10 best Game Boy games of all time, has just been classified for Australia's eShop, meaning it could very well appear in the US and UK soon. It's been part of Japan's eShop for months, so it's about damn time.

Gargoyle's Quest is a spin-off of Capcom's famous Ghosts 'n' Goblins franchise, and stars the demonic do-gooder Firebrand. In screens it looks rather simplistic, and to be honest it IS at heart a traditional side-scroller, but there are a handful of RPG-like elements (towns, NPCs and buyable items) that made it extraordinary back in the day, and at the very least a bit meatier than the other Game Boy games currently on the 3DS. It also happens to have a fantastic soundtrack, so music buffs need to check it out just for that.

Firebrand is perhaps now best known for his inclusion in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, due out in November. And on that note, I'd like to point out that Capcom has spent the last 20 years slowly undressing poor Firebrand. First, his original art (seen above) shows him in full medieval garb, even though he's not wearing any of that in the game.

Above: Then in the NES sequel, he's changed back to his correct red color, but reduced to a speedo!

Above: The Super NES follow up is even worse, trimming that leg line back into thong territory

Above: And now his UMvC3 art is completely naked, revealing no junk at all! Did they just neuter Firebrand??

Maybe some of his alt costumes in UMvC3 will bother to toss him something to cover his shame? Or maybe even a lime green as a shout-out to his humble Game Boy beginnings?

Aug 12, 2011




  • UsernameLoser - August 13, 2011 4:17 a.m.

  • garnsr - August 13, 2011 4:17 a.m.

    I never made it all the way through Gargoyle's Quest, it seems like it was like Metroid 2, if you left it for a week or so you couldn't remember what the hell you were supposed to do. Adding some guidance to these old GB games would just about convince me to buy a 3DS.
  • big0jeff - August 13, 2011 2:45 a.m.

    I absolutely loved both Gargoyle's Quest and Demon Crest! Those games are so underrated. I still don't understand why they haven't releases a game featuring Fireband. I think his character and the type of stuff he could do would translate into a better 3d game today then either Mega Man or Bionic Commando. I swear at times it seems like Japanese companies don't like making money!
  • Linktoreality - August 12, 2011 9:18 p.m.

    Avenging Spirit's actually not bad- the mechanic's interesting, and they have plenty of enemies to possess for different styles of movement and attack. You should give it a shot.
  • FauxFurry - August 12, 2011 7:33 p.m.

    Firebrand had been neutered, therefore he will be garbage tier in Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3. There are far worse games they could port to the 3DS. Of course, Demon's Crest is an even better game starring Firebrand that is overdue for inclusion on the Virtual Console but that is an addition for a later date. All things in their proper order.
  • IvansTreehouse - August 12, 2011 7:23 p.m.

    Aaaaand that's a Bulbasaur on the Gameboy box art.
  • TheBrownestWRPGuknow - August 12, 2011 7:18 p.m.

    now THIS is a gameboy virtual console release i can get behind. it really is good for what it is
  • chrisat928 - August 12, 2011 7:06 p.m.

  • TheGhostBox - August 12, 2011 7:06 p.m.

    That's uncalled for! O.O

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