GamesRadar's alternative 2007 hit list

GTA IV is going to be big this year. Wow. Really...?

Our hot and alternative PC tips for 2007...

Left 4 Dead
Publisher: Valve • Developer: Turtle Rock Studios • Formats: PC • Out: Summer 2007

A four-player co-op shooter set in a zombie Armageddon that lets you join forces with desperate survivors fighting to escape a city overrun by rabid fleshaholics or - in a delightfully macabre twist - play as the malevolent mob of demented cannibals. It's being made by the Counter-Strike people, so we're expecting it to be nothing less than explosively riotous. If it's not we'll eat our fingers. And then cry.
Left 4 Dead

Silent Hunter 4
Publisher: Ubisoft • Developer: Ubisoft Romania • Formats: PC • Out: March 2007

Sometimes the smart bit in our brain just craves a more studious approach to war and although "submarine simulation" might not scream edge-of-the-seat intensity you shouldn't underestimate the power of the truly immersive atmosphere that lurks below the surface. Of course, captaining a hollow, steely cigar and its entombed crew for a leading role in the Pacific Theatre of Operations in World War II should help keep nerves in a constant state of red alert.

Above: Play as Left 4 Dead's survivors and pebbledash the town with zombie brain. Alternatively, side with the infected and spew blood over your victims

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Armed Assault
Publisher: 505 Games • Developer: Bohemia Interactive • Formats: PC • Out: February 2007

With its large scale military manoeuvres this authentic modern warfare actioner from the makers of Operation Flashpoint should test the medal-winning mettle of any serving sedentary soldier and promises to be simulated war at its most real.
Armed Assault

Publisher: Webzen • Developer: Webzen • Formats: PC, 360 • Out: 2007

Developer Webzen calls this "a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter," but we like to refer to it as "the game that promises to let up to 100 players kill each others guts out in massive battle mosh pits". Do you want in?

Rail Simulator
Publisher: EA • Developer: Kuju Entertainment • Formats: PC • Out: 2007

A good moan about trains is part of our daily routine but that doesn't stop us having an unhealthy obsession with locos - they're fast, loud and dirty, so what's not to like? The full uncensored thrill of clickity-clacking along real UK routes is going to be a journey to savour.

The Witcher
Publisher: Atari • Developer: CD Projekt • Formats: PC • Out: 2007

Despite the beautifully dreamy world, this promises to be a fantasy RPG that chooses sinister monsters and bloody brutality over merry fairies and cantering unicorns, which is fine by us.
The Witcher