Games as graphs (and charts!)

The visual display of quantitative information is much more fun than it sounds

What%26rsquo;s that you say? Aren%26rsquo;t graphs and charts just for boring things like algebra and sexual positions?

Absolutely not! Videogames are best represented via the visual display of quantitative and sequential information, and we%26rsquo;ll prove it to you with the greatest, most graphical guide to gaming ever created. On to our first topic...

1) Game Identification

Figure 1-1. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games don%26rsquo;t generally contain any guns or swords. So how do you kill dudes, right? You don%26rsquo;t. They%26rsquo;re just about colors and shit. We know. Maybe it will be clearer in graph form:

Still not getting it %26ndash; but at least we%26rsquo;d know one if we saw one. Remember; look for the colors and shit.

Figure 1-2. Identification of Sandbox Games

If you want to understand the immensely popular sandbox genre, there%26rsquo;s no better way than to study a carefully constructed flowchart. Figure 1-2 will aid you in the identification of most sandbox crime games. Try it on your friends %26ndash; it%26rsquo;s 123% accurate.

Figure 1-3. Prominence of %26ldquo;dead%26rdquo;

This chart is self-explanatory, which means that you should stop reading this and look at it.


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