• philipshaw - April 28, 2011 9:59 a.m.

    I was wondering when there would be another game music of the day and then you come back with one of my fav soundtracks of all time, nicely done Brett
  • SDHoneymonster - April 28, 2011 9:15 a.m.

    What is this hatred for the Water Temple? It's damn fine temple! Man up GR, man the fudge up... And Shinespark, you are not alone. The Spirit Temple is the king. It takes seven years to complete, has bitching music and you get the mirror shield. Nuff said.
  • mshdpotatoes - April 28, 2011 8:08 a.m.

    Great call, this is one of the few game soundtracks I have in my library. I still get pulled back into that game whenever the music starts. Love it.
  • WeinerlessSteve - April 28, 2011 8:05 a.m.

    Good one, thanks, Brett!
  • Imgema - April 28, 2011 7:35 a.m.

    Both OOT and Majora's Mask have great soundtracks. I even like MM a bit more on this department because its tone is more melancholic. There is also one song in Twilight Princess which reminds me of the Forest Temple song. Its the one that plays in the Dungeon on the clouds. Its equally spooky, maybe even more. About the age of OOT. For me it still is a better experience than any other Zelda. Only because of the level of detail. It has hundred of little touches and effects that can be missed, yet they exist. Heck, even the idle character animations change according where Link is (and there are several different ones, unlike TP that has only one for instance). I played every Zelda game that came after OOT, but none ever reached the level of detail OOT has. It might just be the most detailed game i have ever played
  • AngryScotsman - April 28, 2011 6:39 a.m.

    ...I actually really enjoyed the Water Temple. That's where it all clicked for me. THE GODDAMN FOREST TEMPLE was my "Water Temple" in Ocarina.
  • JayBeat - April 28, 2011 5:44 a.m.

    you will never see the tears of joy i'm crying...
  • Letter11 - April 28, 2011 5:26 a.m.

    This game is emblazoned in my heart. Truly a wonderful experience. @mackshizzle My favorite is also the Fairy Fountain music. It makes me so happy. Nice link man. Also anyone else like "Hey Ash Watch Playin'"?
  • powerpc127 - April 28, 2011 5:24 a.m.

    Vincemaster, I know the TP jabs were all in good fun, but to say that the soundtrack was forgettable just won't fly with me. Its overworld music was on par with OoT's (better, in my opinion), Lake Hylia's music was wonderful, and Midna's Lament is just beautiful. If you want something a little different, Hidden Village and Twilight Realm are there. Besides, everything that wasn't composed for that game was pretty much taken straight outta OoT (Serenade of Water, Lost Woods, Zelda's Lullaby, which played backwards makes Midna's theme, and there are more). Plus, when it borrowed OoT's music the instrument quality was so much better than anything that came out of the N64. Soooo...
  • LOZ4EVAH - April 28, 2011 5:16 a.m.

    Seriously just got creeped put listening to The Forest Temple song. It is thoroughly AWESOME!
  • Shinespark428 - April 28, 2011 4:56 a.m.

    No Spirit Temple theme? That was my favorite dungeon in the game. Or is it only me with a particular love for that dungeon and it's theme? Oh well. Yes, I will admit the Forest Temple theme was pretty epic.
  • Vincemaster - April 28, 2011 4:52 a.m.

    The music alone makes Ocarina superior to Twilight Princess. Hum a few bars of a good Twilight Princess song. What? No? That game had a forgettable soundtrack, much like the rest of the game? That's a shame. In all seriousness though, TP is alright. However, Ocarina is a classic and the music is legendary, I bought a 3DS just for it so I'm greatly looking forward to Ocarina 3DS. Nice choice of music for this article thing.
  • Robusken - April 28, 2011 4:50 a.m.

    Surprised this wasn't up yet but man...what a fantastic soundtrack. When ever my violin teacher forced us to pick a piece to play as a test, I would always pick something from OoT. Of course I played crapily but even on one instrument these songs are excellent.
  • rndmnss470 - April 28, 2011 4:28 a.m.

    Oh man, I have to say that I love the music in Ocarina of Time. I remember when I was a kid I barely got through the Forest Temple because of that music. Thanks for a really cool article and a really amazing feature Brett. Please keep going with this.
  • bamtan - April 28, 2011 4:11 a.m.

    listening to this on my brand new headphones=awesome. I'm glad you started this up again brett.
  • Tenfey - April 28, 2011 4:09 a.m.

    Glad I have a gold cart with the original Fire Temple song.
  • powerpc127 - April 28, 2011 4:03 a.m.

    GMotD is (maybe) back! Please Brett, don't let this feature die. I love VGM and this is the only site that I know of that features VGM like this. The only thing that Nintendo doesn't seem to be addressing in OoT 3D though is the music. They couldn't bother to update the midi sounds of the instruments it seems. That's the only real disappointment for me.
  • RebornKusabi - April 28, 2011 3:49 a.m.

    Thanks Brett! I too was vastly creeped out by the Forest Temples music when I played it as a 12 year old. It made that entire dungeon completely dark and ominous which I felt was the point: Link was an late teen due to some quite unfortunate events and that dungeon, being the first one you explore as Adult Link, had this sense of uncertainty. The future seemed hopeless and irreversible and this dungeon and its music, to me, reflected that sentiment. Once again, love these features from you. Please keep doing them because if you don't, I WILL lol
  • CH3BURASHKA - April 28, 2011 3:45 a.m.

    Finally, you're back! It's been too long. Funny story: never played any LoZ's. Deprived childhood here. However, I recently (e.g. few years) started getting into games, especially old games, especially their soundtracks. Obviously, I'd heard what LoZ was, so I downloaded the OoT soundtrack. I must have listened to it all about 10 times now, and it doesn't cease to amaze. The fully orchestrated one is amazing as well, but both MIDI and real have their separate appeals. OCRemix is its own category altogether, as well (which you should always include here if you can, Brett!). Gerudo Valley is a great track, as are most of OoT's tracks. It's hard to pinpoint a favorite, but the credits music is an easy pick because it samples all of the iconic music throughout the game. First time I heard it (after hearing the entire soundtrack in one go), I got all teary-eyed, no lie.
  • Crabhand - April 28, 2011 3:43 a.m.

    Gerudo Valley, very nice choice. Definitely one of my favorites from Ocarina of Time, and BOLERO OF FIRE WOOHOO! Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves that one. I also completely agree about the creepiness of the Forest Temple, although it doesn't compare to the overall creepiness of most of Majora's Mask. Especially the Ghost Attack, that song is downright evil.

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