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March 30, 2010

Game: Final Fantasy XIII

Song: Pulse de Chocobo

Composer: Masashi Hamauzu

Above: Not your typical VGM

If you know the name Masashi Hamauzu, we probably don%26rsquo;t need to tell you the dude%26rsquo;s a genius. But for those of you who don%26rsquo;t play RPGs, or the other obscure Square titles he aided in composing, you really should to check out the music of Final Fantasy XIII. No, this isn%26rsquo;t a history lesson, nor is it a pretentious audiophile getting preachy%26hellip; But with all the emo butt rock and purportedly %26ldquo;epic%26rdquo; synthetic scores gamers have had to endure in the digital age, you might be surprised to hear what a high-quality composition - five years in the making, brought to life by dozens of real instruments, and a shitload of money - actually sounds like. I know I was.

Above: "Your theme is the bestest, Chocobo!"

I choose the jazz-tastic lounge serenade %26ldquo;Pulse de Chocobo%26rdquo; precisely because it (seemingly) has no purpose on a video game soundtrack. Not only do its old-timey sensibilities make it stand out like a gifted thumb on a palm of well-groomed masterpieces, more importantly, you genuinely get the feeling that the song is being played by a room full of enthusiastic musicians%26hellip; and not a couple of cynical contract keyboardists bridging together a bunch of FPS crescendos.

It%26rsquo;s quite charming, isn%26rsquo;t it? Sort of like if Perfect Strangers had a battle theme!


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