Game Music Connect conference brings AAA composers together

The composers behind some of this generation's biggest games will gather on Sept. 9 in London. Us unrepentant soundtrack fiends at GamesRadar are partnering with Game Art Connect for Game Music Connect, a one-day conference of panels, roundtables, and rubbing elbows with the minds behind the music of Assassin's Creed, Destiny, Tomb Raider, and more.

The event is open to composers and fans alike, as long as you're interested in "celebrating and exploring the craft of video game music." Composers such as Jesper Kyd, Martin O'Donnell, and Jason Graves will speak about their entrance to the industry, demonstrate new forms of interactive music, and even preview some original scores from next-gen titles.

Early bird tickets are £99, and--even if you can't make it--you bet your bippy we'll be there with more coverage at and before the event.

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  • shawksta - July 16, 2013 12:46 p.m.

    That's awesome, composers together and all. It would probably be too much to ask for people like Koji Kondo or David Wise. Speaking of David Wise, he's actually returning to do Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze which is a real treat as DKC is what he was famous for in the first place :D

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