Free Archlord!

Starting January 4th, you'll no longer be paying subscription fees for Archlord. This doesn't make us salivate because we gave the game a four out of 10. But if the drool is leaking from your mouth in gobs, supplement your vast dementia by stabbing a spoon into your chest and carving this second announcement into your solar plexus: the game will continue to get updates. Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk!

ABOVE: That big orange guy is you. You got angry after an hour with this game.

December 4th through January 4th is the final billing period, and long-term subscribers will receive hard-earned refunds. So partake in this small glimmer of salvation if you're one of the tortured wretches already paying for Archlord agony. And feel our unfathomably profound pity: we know you're addicted to meth and your wife is cheating on you with barnyard animals - but you will triumph.

To learn more, ride your dragon over here.

December 5, 2007


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