Frank Darabont sends more thesps into The Mist

A mysterious weather pattern brings strange creatures to attack the denizens of a small town. You’d be forgiven for thinking we were talking about The Fog, but it’s actually the plot for Stephen King’s The Mist, so don’t you feel silly now?

Still, plot similarities aren’t stopping Frank Darabont, who has already announced his intention to get back into the King-making business by writing and directing an adaptation of the tale.

And he’s now found two stars to join Thomas Jane in barricading themselves in a supermarket and confronting the terror of the misty marauders: Andre Braugher and Laurie Holden. “Laurie was my leading lady in The Majestic, and she is stupendous, talented and gorgeous," Darabont told Variety . "She plays a very key role as one of the people trapped in this existential Stephen King nightmare."

He also had good things to say about his other choice: “Andre is Thomas Jane's neighbour, a high-powered attorney who has a weekend house in Maine. They have more of an adversarial relationship. I've been a fan of Andre's since Glory. I've never met him, and I'm so looking forward to it."

Let’s hope they get along, then… Darabont will start shooting this February in Louisiana.

Source: ( Variety )