Fox pass on Joe Carnahan for Daredevil reboot

Fox's Daredevil remake continues to stall in production no-man's land, with director Joe Carnahan (previously thought to be the frontrunner for the job) revealing on Twitter that his pitch to the studio "went up in smoke".

"Think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids," said Carnahan on the social networking site. "We shall see. Time is NOT on anyone’s side."

That is of course because Fox would need to get the film into production within the next two months before their rights to the character expire and revert back to Marvel. 10 October is the cutoff point, and with no director in place, it's looking increasingly unlikely that Fox are going to get this done in time.

Thanks to Carnahan's willingness to share, we can also see what they passed up on, with the director releasing the two sizzle reels (teasers made up of artwork and archive footage designed to give studios a flavour of the concept) he showed Fox online.

You can check out the two videos below. The first is a more family friendly affair, while the second gets quite grisly…

For our money, we reckon Fox have missed a trick here, with Carnahan offering a genuinely novel take on the character. We particularly like the '70s soundtrack, while the overall tone couldn't be any further removed from the high camp of the Ben Affleck version.

Still, it seems Fox weren't as keen as we are, meaning a new Daredevil film remains just as far away as it ever was. Meanwhile, Marvel studio execs will be watching with interest...


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