Four player co-op in Crackdown?

Just when we thought we were done with Crackdown's excellent but limited co-op gameplay, we stumble across this little doozy of an image in the developer's message boards. Labeled as a "sneak peek" at upcoming downloadable content, the screen shows what appear to be four gun-mounted dune buggies jockeying for position on one of Pacific City's rocky back roads.

The mysterious poster claims that you can see "a new game type and a new type of vehicle" by studying the picture. Okay, well, the new vehicle is pretty obvious, though we're hoping that's not the only one coming. How will driving on the ground in a buggy be any more fun than driving on the ground in a car, save for some extra bumpiness? Hopefully, the game's awesomely hilarious rag doll physics will shine with such lightweight and fragile machinery.... but we won't be happy until we can take to Crackdown's wide open skies.

As for the new game type, the first thing that comes to mind is some form of competitive racing. That's what looks to be happening in the image, anyway. But we're placing our bets on something much grander and much more exciting... four player co-op. How else to explain the presence of four buggies on the screen?

Microsoft responded to our theories with a noncommittal “We haven’t made any announcements about Crackdown downloadable content, but please make sure to stay tuned.” We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

April 26, 2007


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