Forza Motorsport 2

It’s not just a skid anymore; it’s a full-blown slip. From a release date originally set for the autumn of 2006 to the short delay to the start of this year, to one now set somewhere in May, Forza Motorsport 2 is slipping back as quickly as broken New Year’s resolutions.

But while we’re suffering with every delay, the Turn 10 team seems to keep coming up great. And why? Because the competition has come and gone without really threatening their imminent eminence; Need for Speed: Carbon, Test Drive Unlimited and Import Tuner all started first but all have stalled first. Meanwhile Sony has handily cancelled Forza ’s only arch-rival in the realism and the super hi-resolution stakes, Gran Turismo HD as a full-blown game.

But the team isn’t merely relying on the incapability of strangers because the delay has seen dramatic improvements in performance over those shown at X06. And so they should, because it was precisely the juddering graphics seen back then that worried us and launched a thousand and one threads in flame-filled forums.

And while the fabled 60 frames per second rate has finally been achieved, it hasn’t been locked yet. Why? Because the sheer weight of effects being vomited onto the screen and the processor-hogging physics running in the background sometimes drag that nerd-sating number back down to a slightly more mundane, slightly more visible amount. But the team is sure that eventually a buttery smoothness can be achieved. We don’t doubt them.


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