Forza Motorsport 2

Forever delayed - but worth the wait?

It%26rsquo;s not just a skid anymore; it%26rsquo;s a full-blown slip. From a release date originally set for the autumn of 2006 to the short delay to the start of this year, to one now set somewhere in May, Forza Motorsport 2 is slipping back as quickly as broken New Year%26rsquo;s resolutions.

But while we%26rsquo;re suffering with every delay, the Turn 10 team seems to keep coming up great. And why? Because the competition has come and gone without really threatening their imminent eminence; Need for Speed: Carbon, Test Drive Unlimited and Import Tuner all started first but all have stalled first. Meanwhile Sony has handily cancelled Forza %26rsquo;s only arch-rival in the realism and the super hi-resolution stakes, Gran Turismo HD as a full-blown game.

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