Formula One 06

With all the driver aids off, the manual gears add extra control and braking points are where the fun is. Trust us. But if you're feeling wussy, you can turn on all the help options until the game's practically playing itself.

Although it's solid enough and drives well, somehow it doesn't feel quite up to the high standards of last year's game, judging from our first play. But it does have a very cool ace up its sleeve. Not only does it have an online multiplayer mode, but you can race against people who own the PSP version if they've got a WiFi connection - with the same cars, on the same tracks. That's a pretty special boast.

There's even the option of racing a full-length online championship over 18 races. And if you don't fancy actually driving the car, you can try the Chief Engineer career mode. But you probably won't bother.

Above: The replays look pretty good, but the scenery is somewhat basic

If the finished game can recapture half the magic of the classic Formula One 97 on PSone, we'll be happy. It's just such a shame Murray Walker doesn't record the commentary any more. "HE'S HIT!... Jenson Button." Ah, happy days.