Final Fantasy XIII: the new FFVII?

3) Timing

If FFXIII and FF Versus XIII stay on schedule, they'll hit our shores some time in 2008 - at most a year and a half since the PS3 appeared. Square Enix's PS2 efforts didn't really make the most of what the system had to offer, and with SCE president Kaz Hiraiannouncing that we shouldn't expect PS3's true power to manifest itself in software until at least four years down the line, perhaps FFXIII is coming a bit too early in the life cycle to plumb its depths properly. But for now FFXIII has exclusivity on its side - an increasing rarity it seems - which should push Squenix to really milk the system.

Above:For a snap decision, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII turned out pretty sweet

Or alternatively...

Hopefully the new videos of the Fabula Nova Crystallis titles on show at the Tokyo Game Show later this month will be illuminating. On the flip side, the decision to make Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII took just two days according to producer Hideki Imaizumi, who was equally coy that a decision to remake FFVII could be made just as quickly. Square Enix is purportedly unveiling a new title at TGS as well. Sephiroth terrorising the world again? It would be the easiest money they ever made.