Final Fantasy XI Beginner's Guide, Day 3

Third: Weapon Skills, Skillchains and Magic Bursts

Each time you smash an enemy with one of your physical attacks, you'll earn some "Technical Points," or TP - only a tiny bit, though. When TP reaches 100% or higher, you can execute a "Weapon Skill," which is a special attack for increased damage or negative status effects.

Early on, players should learn to coordinate Weapon Skills by chatting with their party. You shouldconstantly discuss the status of your party's TP. When multiple players execute certain weapon skills in a particular order, it creates a "Skillchain." Skillchains come in a variety of elemental flavors and types, and deal additional damage of that element to the monster.

Beyond extra damage, Skillchains have a more important function: setting up "Magic Bursts." Because of the concentration of elemental energy from a Skillchain, casting a spell of the appropriate element - Fire, Blizzard, etc - at the right time will boost its damage by one third. This is a crucial strategy to learn, especially once you start to take on the game's bosses.

Fourth: Experience chains

The final important concept is one of efficiency. By killing monsters above "Even Match" in rapid succession, a party will earn bonus experience points. To make the most of your possible experience

points requires careful coordination between the players. Everything from Skillchains to maintaining the mages' magic reserve is crucial.