Final Fantasy XI Beginner's Guide, Day 2

Ranger (RNG)
Ranged Damage
Best Weapons: Bow, Crossbow, Gun, Axe, Dagger
Recommended Support Jobs: Ninja, Warrior

Once the belle of the damage ball, Rangers have been toned down recently. They still remain effective attackers in any party, and will most likely only get better. Rangers sit in the back ranks and fire using different kinds of ranged weapons, mix-and-matching with a variety of projectiles, many of which apply deadly status effects to enemies. Rangers are frequently used to lure monsters to the party to kill. This is thanks to the Ranger's tracking abilities, which allow them to see nearby monsters on the map.

Dragoon (DRG)
Role: Physical Damage, Solo
Best Weapons: Polearm
Recommended Support Jobs: Warrior, Thief, White Mage

The job immortalized by Kain in Final Fantasy IV can be very powerful in the right hands, but is currently not favored by most players. Dragoons use spears to quickly perforate their foes, but their weapon skills are generally weak, making them undeservedly unpopular later in the game. The Dragoon's signature Jump moves are here, allowing it to leap into the air, attack and also change a monster's target. In addition, Dragoons are always accompanied by a young pet Wyvern, which attacks with physical and breath attacks, and can heal the player when using mage Support Jobs.