Final Fantasy Versus XIII: You control the cutscenes

Rendering innovations keep your hands on the joypad even through the talky bits

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Above: Control your character as he struts toward the camera like a boss

FF-Reunion brings (all-Japanese, sorry) news of new, secretly-unveiled screenshots which reportedly look indistinguishable from real photographs. Please join us in shrugging non-acceptance of the idea that the playable cutscenes will look that good (and if you can find anyone who plays Final Fantasy for its flawless realism, we'll give you both a free chocobo), but it's exciting nonetheless to hear that the series continues to find ways to combine %26ldquo;epic cinematic narratives%26rdquo; with %26ldquo;any reason to stay in the same room while the plot's unfolding.%26rdquo; Looking forward to seeing more?

Jul 13, 2011

Source: Silicon Era

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