Final Fantasy Tactics A2 - interview

GR: In the trailer playing for this game, though the story is all new it seems to follow a similar path to the original game's story - a student reads a book and is sucked into another world. Please talk more about this story.

Yuichi Murasawa: As you have seen the trailer in the booth, the opening scene of this title is as you saw. Another episode in the opening scene - but instead of [the same as the original] this time, the main character, the player cannot understand the background of the main character at the beginning of the game. Instead of that, through playing the whole game step by step the player will get to understand the background of each character. That's a different point of the previous and this new game.

The meaning of the subtitle can represent the story - it's "Grimoire of the Rift" - it's representative of the main theme of the story.

GR: It was mentioned that in this game there are about the same number of quests as the last game, but unlike the last game they're not all simply battles. Can you give an example of the kinds of quests that this game has besides battles?

YM: If you go to the pub in the demo downstairs, there are three quests you can get, and if you look into that you can see the variety.

The first type of quest that's in the save data is, well first of all it's a normal battle sequence. It's just a mark hunt, you fight monsters, beat 'em, and "quest complete." The second is called "area map" and well, the player goes and encounters battles, but the objective of the player is not just to defeat monsters, but to do something on the stage, like if there's a different type of gimmick the player needs to unlock that type of gimmick and the quest is complete. The third quest, the player gets to travel around the area map and they don't encounter any battles or anything. It's something that can be done on the area map.